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we have started this project to make a difference. 

In my country, Bringing a horse to a shelter, most of the time cost money . People who are already suffering financial, not able to feed there horses anymore, can not pay this. The horse are most of the time already neglected or sick, so just selling them is hard. So people have to bring their horse to the slaughter while the horse is still a great horse for recreation. 

We started this project to make a differece ! 

- no need to pay to bring your horse to us

- no need to leave it wist us for free, we will pay you the same price as the slaughter 

--> no need to bring it to the slaughter anymore !! 

We totally have to depend on our own mone and gifts/sponsors/donations. we give the horses 24h freedom on the land and 

So please, if you read this, even the smallest donation will help us and the horses. 

We started this on april 1st, we already have 3 lots of land and unlimited hay. imagine the costprice, 1 horse can eat 1100 pounds of hay

We also need the vet, foodsupplements, medication, get there hoofs done etc .. 

Like the sat-ying : as one person i can not change the world, but i can change the wold of 1 horse (and a lot more)

We care for horses, and we hope you care to 


No updates yet.

Reasons to invest

Help us help them, we can not do this without donations

Focus points

we need a lot of hay when there is a lack of grass, also it might be better to look to buy land instead of renting


we have festive days for our members with food and drinks, horse days etc

Competitors and threats

there are not enough projects like this to help them all, so we dont have competition

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