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  • Score in Life is a youth for youths sports and recreational foundation.

For many years youths in northern Kenya (Webuye, Bungoma) have been particularly vulnerable to the consequences of idleness which often leads to ill social behaviors such as unprotected sex, early pregnancy and motherhood, transmission of diseases like STI, unsafe abortion and drug abuse, alcohol being the number one drug.

Webuye, as border town with Uganda and after the closure of the Paper Mill Company, is particularly vulnerable to these effects.
Arise Youths, a project of Score in Life Foundation, is a group of young men in their twenties all born and raised in and around Webuye. All of them have played football in Webuye. Most of them continue to do so, either in Nairobi or elsewhere, depending on their place of residence. Arise Youths has been formed after the young men experienced firsthand how their Webuye friends and family turn to them in their hour of need or when they see them. The mindset of the citizens of Webuye consists of thinking working and living in Nairobi or abroad equals earning millions. However, all of them struggle to make ends meet. As a way of addressing this mindset they decided it is time to awaken their dormant rural home and give back to their society.
Arise Youths will engage young male and female citizens of Webuye and teach them alternatives on how to turn their lives around themselves without depending on the friends and relatives residing in the capital or outside Kenya. Given their history with football, it was only natural for them to use football as a means to address such issues. In the long run Score in Life aims to construct a community center for youths to hang out in and learn skills, norms, duties and values.

Score in Life expects the tournament to be held annually for many years, but puts its focus on the next three years to become an established event in the month of December. While putting the tournament on the map they slowly build on an entire programme to make a sustainable impact on the community. From a one week training school to courses of first aid. From cleaning up the town to learning vocational set of skills to find their way to the job market. 

Score in Life wil op lange termijn een sport- en gemeenschapscentrum uitbouwen dat leeft voor en door jongeren. De pre-maquette bijvoorbeeld is via een digitaal programma al gemaakt. Hierbij willen we graag een samenwerking opzetten met studenten architectuur en ingenieurswetenschappen, uit Kenia en uit België.



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Reasons to invest

Madiba (Nelson Mandela) wist het als geen ander. Sport is samenhorigheid, diversiteit en kan een bewustzijn creëren.

Focus points

* politieke inmenging vermijden
* financieel wanbeheer vermijden
* meisjes niet voldoende aandacht geven


* Score in Life zet elk jaar een thema in dat het daaropvolgende jaar belicht wordt via allerhande kanalen met het tornooi als afsluiter.

Competitors and threats

* 2017 is een verkiezingsjaar: jongeren die niks wezenlijk te doen hebben kunnen worden ingezet als een pion in politieke rivaliteiten

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