Simple and safe.

Would you like to support creative and innovative projects without having to go through complicated procedures? Crofun is a user-friendly platform with many interesting projects and project promoters. Thanks to today’s social media, crowdfunding is no longer reserved to the happy few.

We will automatically verify each project. The more funds you aim to collect, the more thorough our verification.

  • Authentication
    Each project promoter is obliged to provide Crofun with the necessary data to verify his identity.

  • Project control
    At Crofun, project promoters are fully guided through the presentation of their project. Furthermore, we check how detailed they described both their profile and project.


At Crofun we assure discretion. If you prefer not to reveal your name, you will be registered as an anonymous investor.

Crofun offers a legal and commercial framework for crowdfunding in Europe. We also ensure the digital contracts and financial transactions through both ingenico and Atos Worldline.

Social control

We promote all projects through social networks. If you are interested in a project, you can easily check the promoter's background. Did someone create his Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page only a week before the launch of his project? Then be on your guard! The same goes for someone who has no friends on social media.

Crofun is neither a bank or a credit institution. Therefore, the platform does not fall under the supervision of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

Crofun is supported by a broad and solvent business network.

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